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John Patrick Heke

Born in Whangarei on 10th July 1962
Died in Glen Eden on 24th January 2013

John and His Mother Elizabeth

John was born in Whangarei Hospital. During his childhood we lived in Eltham, Auckalnd, Masterton , Tokoroa, Devonport , Grey Lynn, Ramsgate NSW, abck to Devonport then on to Birkdale.

John commenced School on 10th July 1967, at Tokoroa Central Primary School this was the day New Zealand changed to decimal currency. John finished School in Birkdale College.

When we lived in Grey Lynn John was hit by a car as he tried to cross the road. He suffered a head injury and was admited to the Auckland Hospital. He made a remarkable recovery.

For a time John worked for me as a technician at the Redcliffe Entertainment Centre in Qld. He then moved back to New Zealand