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Just catching up with some of your great items
04 - June - 2014
My father is Taniora Ted Heke, son of TeAwaroa Heke and Maraea Herepete
05 - March - 2014
KiaOra :) te whanaaaaaaau !
20 - April - 2012
So good to find you again after all these years. Loved seeing the bit of video incorporating the old Rockdale Odeon. How much fun did we all have in that place,eh. Still makes me laugh about all the shenanigans we all got up to. Saw Noel Chant get a mention in comments. Names from the past or what! Nice work on this site by the way.
11 - November - 2011
hello there
26 - June - 2011
Val said:
Great slide show and loved looking at the young king of porn
17 - May - 2011
Great job of the slide show Colin
08 - May - 2011
Kia Ora
We are having a Fraser Reunion this Easter weekend would love you all to come! please email me for a registration kia ora
18 - April - 2011
Nga Mihi koutou!

Kiaora my name is Wiremu Hapi Stevenson my kuikui (Kathleen webby)her parents were Te Taute Eruiti & Rangipaeroa Fraser. Rangipaeroa's parents were Hapi Tihini fraser & Atareta Fraser. Currently stuying Huarahi Maori education at Auckland uni, Any one have any info on the reunion? Be cool to meet some new cuzzys!

Cher Whanau
18 - March - 2011
Tena Koutou Te Whanau

My name is Caroline Takotohiwi, my father is Hamuera who was whangai of Himi and Reme Takotohiwi whanau. His biological father is Te Taute o Raukawa Erueti (Pahipoto, Ngati Porou) and his mother is Rangipaeroa Fraser (Ngati Rangiwewehi, Te Arawa), daughter of Atareta and Hapi Tihini Fraser, son of John Fraser and Wahangaarangi Tamehana.
Reunion sounds Kool
13 - March - 2011
Kia ora whanau...My parents are Hamuera and Matehuirua Takotohiwi.My dads paternal parents are Taute and Rangipaeroa Edwards.Kia ora to all the cuzzies I've yet to meet and some I haven't seen for a while......Karl
13 - March - 2011
Kiora cuzzies, my mother was Parekohai Hunia and my dad was Boydie Edwards, my dads mother was Rangipaeroa Fraser and my Koro was Taute Erueti, TEXAS.
29 - December - 2010
kia ora whanau,my name is Marama,eldest child of late Susan Sheremiah Natalie Heke,daughter of Tamehana(Thomas)Heke and the late Mataatira(Mathilda-Bubby) Heke(nee Davis).Greatgrandparents are Taipu and Huhana..its cool to see lots of whanau on here that i hardly know or not at all..gotta get back to my roots and find out!!!
29 - October - 2010
Kia Ora Whanau,
My mothers name is Violet Tangirau Rivers (nee Heke)who married my father William John Henry Rivers and lived in Hamilton. I am the youngest of four, Valerie, Johnathan and Shona (twins). My grandparents were Taipu Heke and Huhana (nee Fraser) who lived at Hauone, Matata. My grandmother parents were Tihini and Atareta Fraser.

Great to see the whanau the other day even though it was for a sad occasion.
22 - October - 2010
HI EVERYBODY!! My mothers name is Patricia Heke. Her dad (my Grandfather) is Herbert Heke whose parents were Pirika Heke and Sara Nopera.
19 - October - 2010
Kiaora Whanau . My mothers name is Elaine Heke.Grandmother is Hera Nopera and Grandfather is Pirika heke ( Owhata )
11 - October - 2010
Kia Ora Whanau,
My great Grandfather is Te Hurinui Fraser son to Tihini Fraser and Atareta.
My Grand Mother is Ella Taylor and my father is Wayne Taylor.
Just to let you know we are planning to have a Family Reunion with all of the desendents of Tihini and Atareta April 2011.Updates will be coming soon and a website to keep in contact. Kia Ora
18 - September - 2010
Me da gusto que se la hayan pasado tan bien en su viaje, te recuerdo con estima aca en Mexico aunque fue poco el tiempo que platicamos en la estacion de bus, pero disfrute tu compaņia y tu platica, les manda saludos mi esposa Iliana, que sigan siendo felicies y sigan disfrutando sus vacaciones, te acuerdas de la matraca que te regalamos, disfrutala,
Saludos desde Monterrey Mexico

I'm glad it has had so much fun on your trip, remember
31 - August - 2010
Was so good to go through it all again and relive some of those days, so much time has passed, doing a great job brother xx
29 - January - 2010
My Nanpopz was Ted Heke,from Pupuke my nan was Herena Taniora frm Paweringa, and my mumz name Janet Rangi no Owhata
17 - November - 2009
Carolyn Heke said:
This is so cool dad. I love all those videos of my mum. It's really hard to remember her. I wish we still had all the other home movies to look at.

PS. I have had all the old movies transferred to DVD
12 - October - 2009
kia ora(:
ko waimirirangi toku ingoa. kei taitoko ahau e noho ana. he uri ahau mo ngapuhi. e hiahia ana ahu ki te kimi toku whanau. ko Tukorehe toku marae. korero mai ki ahau hei kona,
22 - September - 2009
it was good to see the heke family again after all these years david and i worked together for many years
love to all
24 - June - 2009
Fathers name Raumati Rehopoama Heke,Grandfather is Rehopoama Waikeri Heke md Heti Pere Wihongi his brothers that i can name were Putete,Rika,Wharepourian others
11 - May - 2009
Innes Fraser is my father
05 - April - 2009
Jonarlee Kareko said:
Hey my mums family is from there..My mums family are the Phillips Whanau
01 - February - 2009
Kia ora whanau,
My mother is Myra Maria Baines(nee:Hataraka) from Matata & my Grandmother was Myra Te Wharemarama Hataraka.Good to see all the extended whanau on here.Happy 70th Uncle Thomas!!!Im Still stuck in Oz.
20 - October - 2008
Hey Whanau , great website ...thanks Col..lots of interesting photos ..thanks again . ka kite ano
18 - October - 2008
Why did you choose such ugly photos of your siblings to display. I will send you my pro shots which are much more flattering. I delete unflattering and poor quality photos. Im sure I see your mother coming out in you.
02 - October - 2008
Col Heke said:
I suppose all I could say be photos dont lie !! But I do welcome clever peoples photos.
02 - October - 2008
harmony heke said:
hey my name is harmony heke i am only 12 year's old this web site is so cool so i can have a look at my family
14 - August - 2008
Kiora te whanau Fraser. My dad was Boydie Edwards and my nan was Rangipaeroa Edwards nee Fraser. Just like to know when we will have a reunion. Havent seen Myra Hataraka (da cuzzy) for ages. email me pls
31 - July - 2008
What an amazing website thank you Colin I come from the Ruwhiu Whanau. I would love to know more about Kamariera & Elizabeth has anyone had an update as an english lady was doing research on her.My grand mother was his youngest daughter Huhana my Dad's Mu
12 - July - 2008
kia ora whanau my name is joanna peita nee thomas. my kuia is anne heke, sister to dan and tom heke of maungatapu.
28 - May - 2008
kia ora whanau, my dads name s Thomas Rex Heke, born n matata-Pikowai, his father was Taipu Heke-Kaiawha he married Huhana Tihini(Fraser) my Koro n Nanny r buried @ Ngati Rangitihi Marae, Matata. kia ora ano.....
04 - April - 2008
How amazing to see my extended whanau especially my grandfather and to hear his voice on the video.Thank you.
23 - March - 2008
Kia ora Heke whanau, my beloved father was Daniel Heke of Owhata (b. 1936 d. 1996), eldest son of Pirika and Hera (Sarah). I have three older brothers, Dean, Daryl, and Glen Heke. My paternal grandfather was Pirika Te Awa Heke (b. 1915) m Hera (b.1911).
07 - January - 2008
I have the pleasure of knowing the Heke Family for over 30 years both private and work, terrific bunch of people the site is great it is enjoyable to see faces not seen for a long time. Cheers to all.
31 - December - 2007
My name is Aneta Heke my fathers name is Minahira Heke he has one brother called Joe Heke and two sisters called Te Whai and Aneta Heke who me and my older sister are named after. My grandfathers name is Piwiki Heke and he married my grandmother Millie W
01 - November - 2007
My now late father whom i have never met is Jake William Heke, died in Rotarua on the 15/04/2004
18 - September - 2007
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